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Kami-Robo Entertainment Max League
In 2002, this entertainment-oriented league came into being, and quickly grew into the industry's largest organization. Great Red Viper, who was kicked out Madroneck Force during a restructuring campaign, assumed the helm, attracting many talented wrestlers. The King of Evil has ruled the roost, since he won the match for ownership. Crowds pour in to watch such star wrestlers as The Ole, who always looses with style, Bird Man, a master of air-fighting tricks, and Fujiyama, a flashy, up-and-coming talent. Another intriguing powerhouse is Genie Jr., son of the King of Evil, who originally left the group, after a rift with his father, to fight death matches. Now back in the fold, he adds stature and strength to the group. At present, the Max League is at the top of its game, as is seen in its strategic linkup with Night Cobra Gym and Arena Kami-Robo, which enables it to tap into more star fighters who draw in large crowds.

The King of Evil's
The King of
Evil's farm team
Street fighters group Executives who report directly to the owner
Night Cobra Gym
This gym, widely regarded for its ability to produce stunning talent, was founded by Night Cobra, a seasoned wrestler from the Showa Era. His emphasis on cultivating wrestlers with distinct talent and character has paid off with the public, who flock to see the unique moves and escapades in the ring. Aligned with Max League and Arena Kami-Robo, the Night Cobra Gym has grown into a formidable organization. At present, the most unique fighters are the notorious trio, consisting of Mont Blar, Poisonger and Giant Cacsuto; Coconut Great, who sheds a mask to unleash 30 seconds of super strength; the Bremen Brothers, consisting of four brothers who fight as a team. Once seen, no one forgets a Night Cobra Gym wrestler.
The Madroneck Force
In the beginning, there was the Madroneck Force, which ruled the world of Kami-Robo wrestling. But its golden years are a distant memory, and its future far from certain. The famed Madroneck King, drained of ambition and vision, turned over leadership to Barron Bomber, anointing him Madroneck Barron Bomber. But no one is writing off the group yet, as it is still the training ground for a number of talented wrestlers, including such senior fighters as Madroneck Z and Madroneck New, as well as such young talents as Ken, Joe and Takeshi. The future rests in their hands.
The New Madroneck Force
The sun now shines on the New Madroneck Force, the Kami-Robo industry's undisputed giant, headed by Madroneck Sun, the industry's strongest wrestler. Tensions run high between wrestlers, vying to stay or get to the top. The rigorous training is famed, as are their hazing matches. Nonetheless, the Max League is right on its heels, as seen in box office receipts, which is putting financial pressure on them. Their standing will be defended by explosive young talents like Hurricane Rock.
*Great Ghost joins as an independent wrestler.
Death Rings
Satan King, an evil creature obsessed with being the next Madroneck King, finally made his move when he established this death-match organization. Once in the ring, it's a fight to the finish. The adrenal rush attracts all ranks, including veterans like Blood Lee, Madroneck X, and Thunder Fire. When Genie Jr. joined them, after a falling out with his dad, the organization couldn't be beat. Today, however, it's no longer an invincible powerhouse, due to the loss of strong wrestlers, including Genie Jr., who reconciled with his dad, The King of Evil.
* Blue Killer joins on occasion as an independent.
Fighter Gym
Madroneck Fighter, a founder of the Kami-Robo professional wrestling industry and the only fighter to officially retire, established this remarkable K-1 training school. With an open-door policy, it attracts wrestlers from all walks of life. Young fighters come with the hope of honing skills, while burnt-out veterans arrive desperate to rekindle their passion for the ring. Madroneck Fighter, warmhearted and trusted by all, is especially pleased to work with the latter. A group of wrestlers, excelling in joint-attack techniques, have put the gym on the map for this style of fighting. The training is rigorous, but opportunity abounds for those who can endure.
Arena Kami-Robo
At the helm of the Mexican-style fighters group sits El Chai Nak, a young, brilliant, and highly capable wrestler, who has garnered the respect of such industry giants as Night Cobra. The Max League and Night Cobra Gym took it under their wing, which has enabled it to flourish. Crowds can't get enough of the unique and distinguished fighting style, based on Lucha Libre. Their matches, always pitting a hero against an evil villain, are first rate and well worth seeing.
Kami-Robo Pro-Wrestling AKAONI
Founded by Red Goblin King, Madroneck King's second apprentice and the industry's magnet for debt. Only the dregs of the industry come knocking at its doors, as the matches are unprofessional and marred by underhanded pranks. All their fighters act like rank amateurs. AKAONI and Death Rings are headed for collision, as both teams constantly poach each other's fighters.
Underground Wrestling Group
A rogue league that sponsors brutal matches on an iron ring. Its future is in question, as many of its fighters are said to be checking their options elsewhere.
Integrated K-1 Group: DARK
This ferocious pair causes the legs of even the most seasoned and skillful wrestler to tremble. Dark Fire, in particular, is seemingly unstoppable, having beaten every top wrestler in the industry. Compared to that, Dark Rock looks less formidable; but, don't let your guard down, because he's just as menacing and destructive as his partner.uctive as his partner.


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