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#1 The materials

How to make a Kami-Robo ring?

I found this page in the "Kami-Robo Official Handbook," giving me an image to work with. How did Mr. Yasui make it? I racked my brains trying to decide everything that was necessary. Being practical, I decided everything had to come from the local DIY shop.

Below is a list of what I bought.


--linden plywood (300X600X4mm)

--lauan plywood (265X265X12mm)  cut to size at the DIY shop.

--wooden pole (15mm in diameter, 910mm long)  Any wood is fine, excluding paulownia, which is too soft.

--2 square pieces of hinoki cypress (18X18X910mm)

--24 wooden screws (2.7X16mm)

--4 wooden screws (3.1X25mm)

--9 screw eyes (No. 0)

--adhesive felt tape for protecting surfaces (ones used for the bottom of chair legs)

--rubber stopper for sliding window screens, (3.5mm thick), for the rope ring. Rubber tube also works.

--cotton cloth, (about 400X400), for covering the mat. Thin cotton is easy to work with. I selected blue, because that's the color of Mr. Yasui's ring.

--plastic packing sheet (about 300X300mm in size, 2mm thick) Not bubble wrap.

--woodwork bonding glue

--double-faced adhesive tape





--quick point knife


--staple gun

--sandpaper and file



Now that we've got our materials, we'll be ready to go to work on the ring the next time we meet.

Satoshi Ishikawa
My web site: http://ishouse.exblog.jp/

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#1 The materials