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Thunder Tiger goes for glory?

Thunder Tiger, Bird Man's apprentice, gets his first big break when he is invited to fight against The Ole, a top wrestler hailing from the same team. He was picked based on his outstanding performance at Cobra Gym, where he trains. He enters the ring, and before the gong sounds, he pounces on The Ole, like a mad man.
The Ole, not the least bit perturbed, swiftly counters with a reversed horizontal chop, which sends Thunder Tiger sailing through the air.

Thunder Tiger desperately wants to win this match, so he uses any tactic possible, with no regard for how it looks. The Ole's chop is awesome. Did you hear the crackling of paper when Thunder Tiger took that hit?
In what appears to be a play to demonstrate
his rank and dominance, The Ole delivers one brutal hit after the next.
A well-placed brain buster leaves Thunder Tiger sprawled on the mat.
The Ole rests his foot on him as the count ensues.
Humiliated by The Ole's arrogance, Thunder Tiger pulls himself together at the count of one. Another swift attack, however, puts Thunder Tiger back on the mat.
Thunder Tiger is like other young wrestlers, who fight with great gusto at the start. But that energy quickly ebbs.
The Ole, on the other hand, stays calm, allowing him to set the tone and pace of things. That's a star quality.
Thunder Tiger launches a counterattack, using a flying-body attack,
drop kick, and moonsault knee drop.
The Ole hits the mat. He regains his footing,
and frantically looks around, trying to pin-point Thunder Tiger.
Thunder Tiger, who had climbed the corner post, pounces on him,
delivering a hard dropkick.
He thrusts The Ole high in the air, and slams him to the mat with a powerbomb.
The Ole is pinned to the mat; but he quickly rebounds.  

The Ole looks like he's on the defense, when Thunder Tiger is slamming him with one powerful attack after the next.
However, one wonders if he’s actually giving Thunder Tiger a chance to strut his stuff.

The Ole slams Thunder Tiger to the mat with a bodyslam.
He brutally kicks Thunder Tiger over and over again, pushing him to the edge and out of the ring.  

The Ole could destroy Thunder Tiger.
However, since they belong to the same organization, and Thunder Tiger is an up-and-coming wrestler, he probably doesn't want to inflict too much damage. He holds back.
But, if Thunder Tiger doesn't back down after the match, The Ole will put him in his place backstage.

Thunder Tiger jumps from the rope,
and lands a hurracanrana.
He then deftly delivers a plancha,
a drop kick, and a shooting-star press.
He leaps from the corner post,
attacking with a jumping hurracanrana.
He brings him down by holding The Ole's head between his legs.

Thunder Tiger is finally showing some flare. This match could get interesting.

The Ole may have taken a beating; but, in the process, his fight spirit has come to life. He packs every ounce of energy into delivering a nasty belly-to-back suplex.
Count one, two… Thunder Tiger is able to push The Ole off at the count of two.
He climbs the corner post and jumps. His silhouette is stunning as he sails through the air, poised to deliver a body attack.
It's a play for the audience, or perhaps a gesture to signal that the end has drawn near. He grabs Thunder Tiger from behind, but Thunder Tiger escapes.
He seizes the chance to grab The Ole from behind, and delivers a full Nelson and a suplex.  

The Ole looks less sure of himself.
Thunder Tiger is good at defense. Actually, he's excellent.

The Ole counterattacks with a barrage of powerful chops.
Thunder Tiger collapses.
Using all his strength, The Ole slams Thunder Tiger to the mat with a powerbomb.
Can Thunder Tiger bounce back?
The Ole climbs the corner post.
Thunder Tiger suddenly stands up, making a dash for The Ole.
It's a feeble attempt at a counterattack, which ends with a swift kick from The Ole.
The Ole stands proud, and delivers his lethal moonsault knee drop.
Count one, two, three.
The Ole is the champ.

Thunder Tiger did a good job. No, a great job. Maybe I should have let him win. Well, he didn't; but, he definitely proved himself as wrestler. He's cleared a certain rank.